Warm and Elegant design featuring 1960s decor.


Two large mirrored Art Deco doors open from the sidewalk into a small entrance area. If you choose to go left, you enter the nightclub. You know you're in Hollywood, but if there were a Great Gatsby-themed nightclub in Vegas, this would be it.

There's a large dance floor in the middle surrounded by snakeskin booths for bottle service each with their own Art Deco decorative panels. When you look up, the ceiling is covered in colored lights and a large black chandelier. In the back corner, a two-story VIP area with a booth below and another seating area up a short flight of shimmering stairs. 

When you need to take a break from the nightclub, or grab a drink before you start dancing, you can head to the right of the main entrance. The room darkens as you head down a flight of stairs into Argyle's cocktail den. A small seating area features leather couches with a bookcase full of books, a clock and a vintage trophy. There's a mock fireplace with candles and you may have to blink a few times before you realize you're not in your great-grandfather's study circa 1960.